In the last 5 years, the Espresso Martini has emerged as a mammoth of a cocktail, a fan favourite which has become a staple in any cocktail list looking to make an impression.
While there are hundreds if not thousands of way you can create ‘The perfect espresso martini’, we at The Office Hotel may have just concocted one absolute winner of a mix.
The hard part is balance that delicious coffee base, and the sweetness which will keep the punters coming back for more. We all know there is absolutely no way you can stop at one if the bartender has half a clue at what they’re manifesting right before your eyes.
There are three key elements to making a delicious frothy coffee treat. The ingredients, the quantities and the method.


That was a lie, the ingredients don’t actually matter that much. As mentioned above, there are potentially thousands of ways you could make your perfect Espresso Martini. To tell you the truth, there is one key ingredient. Fresh Espresso. The fresher the grind, the better the beans the better the martini. Simple.


As much as the ingredients don’t really** matter, the quantities do. Too much Vodka, you won’t get the foam head to the right consistency, too much coffee and you’re getting a bitter nightmare, and too much sugar syrup and you’ll be a cavity ridden mess. Your dentist will love you though.


The actual key here is how you assemble this cocktail behemoth. Icing your glass while you prepare your cocktail. Adding ice to your shaker AFTER you’ve added your ingredients. Using a double strainer to filter your liquid gold into your coupé or martini glass. Using larger blocks of ice. It all adds up and can have some astonishing results on your end product.

By now you’re wondering exactly what goes into The Office Hotels Famous Espresso Martini. That’s something you’re going to have to discover yourself!